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Sustainability at Walmart has become an integrated part of our business, helping propel us to be a better company. The Walmart Sustainability Hub is a destination for Walmart suppliers to access resources and learn about opportunities to collaborate with Walmart, join initiatives or review case studies and best practices to inspire your company to take the next step of your sustainability journey. As you explore this site, make sure to learn about our newest supplier opportunity, Project Gigaton.

Log on to your Sustainability Portal account now to report on your sustainability progress. Gigaton PPA. Is your company interested in sourcing your electricity from renewable energy sources? Check out Gigaton PPA to learn more! Project Gigaton Calculators. Not sure how to calculate the emissions savings associated with your Project Gigaton goals? Check out the Project Gigaton Calculators! Watch the Walmart Sustainability Milestone Summit.

Focused on sustainable packaging? Check out the Sustainable Packaging Playbook for best practices, click here.

Project Gigaton. We know we can continue to do more.During her bachelor years, she discovered there was a lot of theoretical knowledge about sustainability taught in the classroom, but she missed its practical application.

As a member of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub board, she can now use her experience of high tech business and her passion for sustainability to motivate more people to make a difference. What is it about your effort that makes a positive change?

The Hub hosts a wide range of activities and initiatives to engage as many students as possible, and increase their awareness of solutions and ways to make changes. We share this determination and everyone pitches in in their own way; some students organise a clothing swap, others have led food workshops creating plant-based meals. We also want to bring together students from all kinds of disciplines because they all look at issues from different angles.

Why do you do it? But when I saw everyone at the Hub cared about the same things, I felt like I belonged. We discuss stuff like which shampoo and socks to buy, and I feel less alone. She grew up in Dubai, lived in Tokyo and graduated from high school in Doha. When I looked into it more, I wanted to find more ways to be sustainable. I know technology is really important for business students now, so during my BSc IBA I applied for an internship with a high-tech firm.

I worked a lot with engineers on innovation. So I sought out the Hub when I came back to campus. You can learn about being sustainable at the Hub and you can build a network that will be useful in the future, in your life after university.

I encourage everyone to be a part of it. If you have an awesome idea, come and pitch it to us — we could help you make it happen. RSM uses cookies to measure website statistics, enable social media sharing and for marketing purposes.

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By clicking accept cookies or by continuing to use this website, you are giving consent for us to set cookies when visiting this website. See our cookie policy for more information about cookies and how to adjust your cookie settings. Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Students Student stories Erasmus Sustainability Hub.

Read other student stories.The Erasmus Sustainability Hub is founded to support and inspire this process bottom-up in a pleasant and acceptable way. The Erasmus Sustainability Hub ESH is the central location on campus that provides the link between Erasmus University students and sustainability-minded academics, organisations, businesses, government projects and all kind of practises.

The ESH strongly binds all sustainable initiatives together, resulting in one big group of people working together to make a change. All of us are connected by our devotion to sustainability and making a meaningful difference within our university community to set an example for the rest of the world. We believe that sustainable development is fundamental for meeting the needs of the present and future generations.

We envision the students to take this knowledge and practices into their future lives and careers. Various students represent these themes and organise all kinds of activities to raise awareness on their issues and inspire students to make a change themselves.

The Erasmus Sustainability Hub has founded various initiatives:. We invite all students to get their hands dirty and grow some crops!

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With an edible campus, both students and staff are not only invited to enjoy locally produced foods, but are also challenged to think and talk about issues around sustainability. Apart from the garden, the Edible Campus project strives to create this community feel on campus, in which we all grow plants together and share their fruits.

The Erasmus FoodLab is an experimental playground for both academic and field research on the marketing of healthy, sustainable and plantbased food.

Grand Opening of the Sustainability Hub

The FoodLab is located at the Hub and sets an example of sustainable food culture, bringing students, researchers, cooks and food entrepreneurs, and professionals together. During this four-days event, sustainability is a central topic at the whole university and students will be able to connect to inspirational speakers, businesses and initiatives.

At the Erasmus University, nationally and internationally there is a growing community of people that are aware of the sustainability issues we are facing and that feel an urgency to take action.

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The Erasmus Sustainability Hub is the place on campus where we invite all students and employees to think about these issues and together create events, campaigns, projects and more to raise awareness on these issues and take action. By becoming a member you will receive discounts to events that we or our partners organise, have the possibility to participate actively in projects and most of all meet like-minded students that also care about the environment.

Members will also have the possibility to apply for a board position or join a committee. The applications for the positions will open yearly around May.

Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Connecting sustainability-minded students, researchers and organisations. Become a member. A 'right here, right now' mentality, to make sustainability applicable to daily uni-life. How to get involved? Like us on Facebook Sign up for the newsletter Visit the website. Share this page Facebook LinkedIn Twitter.Erasmus Magazine occasionally uses embedded media from companies that place tracking cookies, for example from YouTube. Read more on our privacy page. Just located on the ground floor of Mandeville, this new spot aims to combine innovation and sustainability.

Students will also be greeted with tasty sustainable snacks provided by the Erasmus Food Lab.

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Greonlinks representative and Vice mayor of Rotterdam Arno Bonte will be the special guest to inaugurate the new Sustainabilty hub. This new hub aims to be a open center where students can be more informed in regards to the new green technologies being developed. Students who are interested in sustainability can feel free to join, learn and share new ideas.

For anyone interested in the topic of innovation and sustainability, and how these solutions will be brought into our future. Click here for the Facebook event!

Five hundred EUR students can participate in a a study with rapid coronavirus testing…. Students who lost their basic grant would get better education in return. Fewer massive…. I agree!

Latest news Rotterdam educational institutions to start rapid testing pilot next month Five hundred EUR students can participate in a a study with rapid coronavirus testing…. How the number of international students doubled and the basic grant millions evaporated Students who lost their basic grant would get better education in return.Erasmus Sustainability Days is the flagship event of the Erasmus Sustainability Hub and the largest sustainability-oriented event organized at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Erasmus Sustainability Days last 5 days, with each day focusing on a different topic ranging from social, environmental or political issues. Given Covid, most of the time we stay at home. Therefore, our focus this year is to convey knowledge to the participants on how to be sustainable from the comfort of your own home. Partners schedule. The New Normal. The corona crisis has brought a lot of uncertainty and the world is facing change.

People are rethinking the way things have been done normally. On this day, you can learn more about the influence that the crisis has had on the world and our sustainable future. This day focuses on you - how YOU can contribute to a more sustainable world. You will learn sustainable hacks for your every-day life in various workshops and have the opportunity to reflect on your own consumption habits. You will also be introduced to various sustainable businesses.

Knowledge, Empowerment, Actions. The third day provides you with knowledge about sustainability and its contextual issues, including human rights, gender equality and community empowerment.

sustainability hub erasmus

You will get to know various student initiatives, as well as non-profit organizations that will educate you about their actions and you will get the chance to become involved yourself!

Innovation and technology are strongly linked to sustainability. Hence, this day focuses on how different innovations can pave the way towards a sustainable future, and how YOU can become part of it.

sustainability hub erasmus

Companies from various industries will join, to show how they approach sustainability innovatively. Think Local. This day will focus on what you can do in your own surroundings. You are presented with local companies, initiatives and actions.

With a focus on Rotterdam, which is becoming more sustainable every day, you will get to know what opportunities are offered locally. Full Pass. Are you currently in Rotterdam and would like to experience the full magic of the Erasmus Sustainability Days including our premium offline events?

Then purchase our Full Pass! What are the benefits of the Full Pass? These events will then still be available to Full Pass holders only, with workshop materials delivered to the home address.

Online Pass. Are you not able to physically attend the conference but would still like to explore new and daring topics related to sustainability or learn new skills?

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Then our Online Pass is the one right for you! Haven't Bought Your Ticket Yet? The earlier you get your ticket, the earlier you will be able to benefit from our special offers for the attendees!The Erasmus Sustainability Hub is run by an enthusiastic team of students. They are connected by their devotion to sustainability and making a meaningful difference in the university community.

It is inspired by the Green Office Model. One email per week. Unsubscribe at any time. The Erasmus University Rotterdam adopted a new sustainability programme and was looking for a way to involve students. The Green Office Model was a core component of the new sustainability programme to address this. Upon its founding, the Sustainability Hub was approved by the Executive Board.

It reports to the head of the Sports Department. The Hub started with a big annual budget and now receives resources as needed. For more information, you can visit their website. Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Learn more about the Green Office Model.

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Founding story of Erasmus Sustainability Hub. Start your own Green Office. Learn more Green guide: 15 tips for a sustainable student lifestyle 5 examples of university sustainability reports 8 bests global warming documentaries to learn about climate change.Each can be very effective.

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sustainability hub erasmus

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